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Dr. Nicholson is co-author of an Employment Guide designed to provide a comprehensive summary of useful informationfor potential PA employers, PA students and all others interested in learning more about ourfast growingprofession. The PA Employment Guide is published here and may be copied and distributed as long as credit is given to the "WisTREC" Project for its development and to the Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants for its annual update.

Among other topics, the PA Employment Guide provides:

  • an overview of the PA Profession
  • PA education andcertification
  • scope of practice regulations
  • licensure and prescriptive authority
  • current PAspeciality distribution
  • curent salary and benefits data
  • cost benefit analysis for PA hiring
  • sample contracts and employment agreements
  • comparison of PA and Nurse Practitioner education and practice

I hope you will enjoy learning more abouta profession of skilled cliniciansthat brings high quality cost-effective medical care to an American health care systemingreat need. If you would like this document in Word format, please email Dr. Nicholson.

Click here to open: EMPLOYMENT GUIDE

Another excellent resource for all things related to the Physician Assistant profession is the American Academy of Physician Assistants website at


For PA Experts and Those Interested

If you are a licensed and certified PA with or without medical records review experience and would like to learn more about joining the PA Experts Network, please contact Dr. Nicholson. Knowledgeable and articulate PAs are needed and welcome to join the network for referrals. There isno cost to you. Assistance and advisement will be provided to you as needed whether you have reviewed many cases or are being asked to review your first one.

If chosen for a case, you will be asked to complete an application and provide a CV outlining any prior litigation expereince. You are also encouraged to join the American Academy of PAs in Legal Medicine (AAPALM), a special interest group of the AAPA. Please see the AAPALM website and join AAPALM for answers to your questions about expert witness work.

Jeffrey G. Nicholson, PhD, PA-C
President, PA Experts Network
7033 Wellauer Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53213-3734

(414) 727-5467
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Ethical Guidelines for PA Expert Witnesses

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